A doctors visit

26 Jul , 2014  

Jacob seems to have come down with something quite intense. I awoke at 05.00 this morning to find him in a warm fleece, wholly socks and still shivering. Upon touching his forehead it was obvious that he had quite the fever.
After some coaxing this morning I finally got him to put some decent clothes on and get on the back of the bike. On IIT campus there’s a decent little hospital, upon writing this we’re actually sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of other people.

Doctors here are unbelievably efficient. During the 10 minutes we’ve been sat here three people have already been seen! Apparently bureaucracy has been taken out of the doctors tasks, they don’t need to sit and type overly detailed journals for every person that comes in with an upset stomach or runny nose.
While we travelled here last time round we visited one of Kundy’s relatives in Jaipur who is one of the top urologist in the world. Apparently the 6 teams (a specialist and some interns) at his hospital see 300 people a day! He also told us that a patient that is in need of a operation is operated on within a week of coming to a doctor. Amazing!

It’s Jake’s turn!


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