2 Sep , 2014  

Vedana – The yearning of the restless human soul.

I’m so glad there exists such words that encapsulates so much meaning.

More than a month has passed, I think, since I wrote last. I couldn’t tell you about everything that has happened, yet I have to write this post so that I can write about day to day life again.

We haven’t travelled much. We did get away to Goa for a few days over Independence¬†weekend. I’m not sure what we expected, but we were met my a sort of surreal Goa. Thousands of people were gathered on the beach, playing dangerously near the lashing sea. The locals stood far back, shaking their heads. The sea is always dangerous during monsoon season, if only the tourists would listen. It’s always sort of peculiar seeing lots of Indian people in one place, they really don’t mind being all up in each others faces. Which is a disgustingly broad generalisation, obviously even Indian people yearn for space, but we don’t really see that side too often.

That evening we searched for a room in the Baga area. There was little to be found, we popped in and out of little B&B’s and hotels without finding anything. So we decided to let it be for a while and headed off for dinner. Strolling down the busy lane a boy we had met came racing towards us with a friend on a bicycle. “We found a room! 700 rupees, close to sea, close to lane! Come, come!”. I narrowed my eyes looking at him, trying to decide if it was a good deal and if we could be bothered to walk up the lane again. A Goan man with a huge chest waved towards the boy, “go, you won’t find anything better tonight”. And so we followed him. We turned off the lane, into complete quietness. We arrived at a strange looking house, with a completely open second floor gaping outwards. Thinking we were on our way into the front door of the first floor we ascended a few stairs, “no, no, come” a woman said. We looked at her quizzically as she started up the stairs to what we had presumed was a second floor in the making. It turned out they’d built an apartment at the back. Passing the concrete pillars we stepped into the apartment. And it was great! A nice bed, great balcony, little fridge. Everything you could ask for really.

The rest of the evening was spent on the beach with seafood and beer; a nice break from exhausting Delhi.

I’d love to tell you about it all, but I won’t! I might slip in the rest of our Goa story in another post. Hopefully I can tell you about everything else that goes on here too. But for now I’m done!

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