About me

I wrote this quite a while back; but it’s so true I’m just going to copy and paste it here!

My age (21) is irrelevant, so is my hight (169), equally irrelevant is my hair colour (blonde).
My favourite colour (should one have one?) is boring, so is my place of birth (Marbella), equally boring is my nationality (British/Swedish). The sort of things that we ask each other day to day… equally irrelevant and boring.
What you must know, and absolutely should know, is that I can remember things. Passwords, maps, outtakes from books, articles and texts. Don’t be alarmed if my hands and eyes start tormenting the air in front of me, it’s just my way of remembering. I can find my way back just about anywhere, just by gut feeling. If it’s a large building or in a town. I seem to have some sort of inner compass, quite literally. Point out north? No problem. From one extreme to another- I lose my tea cup everyday. And then spend hours/days trying to find it. Usually it disappears right after I’ve just made myself a brew. I will only drink tea from the one cup. Which turns out to be sort of self destructive, you know being half British and losing said cup too often and all. I found said cup in my underwear drawer this morning.
   I have an unhealthy love for cheese. Like, strong cheese, with hints of garlic and other wonderful things. The sort of cheese that make your ears pop. Which proved to be unhealthy in other ways too during my college years… expensive cheese doesn’t leave much money wise for actual day to day food.
   I also have a tendency to get obsessed, in a sort of witch craft way. Wave in front of me or try speaking to me while I’m obsessing, hah good luck you’d might as well be a resurrected Steve Jobs- I wouldn’t notice.

And last of all, I am an old sea dog in a young body. Think you’ve seen me happy? Then you haven’t seen me get washed about on deck by giant waves in the middle of the ocean.